Learning Foreign Languages Using the Dr. Pimsleur Method

Language learning is often regarded as a lofty skill. Many people try to learn languages later in life specifically in order to keep their minds more active with age. Other individuals try to learn languages in order to move to new areas or bond with new groups of people. 

In an increasingly global society, being multilingual is regarded as an important job skill. Plenty of people have secured new jobs on that basis alone.

However, one of the reasons why learning new languages is held in such high regard is the fact that it is relatively difficult. Very young children can learn new languages easily, and if they were raised in a bilingual household, they will often grow up speaking both languages fluently. The critical language learning period has already passed for adults, however, and it is that much more difficult to learn languages for them.

Many adults who learn new languages will never be able to speak those languages at anything above an intermediate level, and even those who acquire a degree of fluency will still tend to speak their second and third languages with accents that mark them out as foreigners or non-native speakers. 

Many adults need new methods of learning foreign languages in order to develop any real fluency, and the Dr. Pimsleur Method has helped many adults learn foreign languages for decades.

A lot of Dr. Pimsleur’s methods focused specifically on his keen knowledge of human memory. When people learn new words in languages, they are not usually able to remember them perfectly afterwards. However, when they are exposed to them again, their recollection of those new words will be that much clearer. He was able to get a sense of the necessary rhythm that allows people to properly store the knowledge of new words for a long period of time.

The Dr. Pimsleur method of language learning also manages to clear up some of the problems with a lot of convention language instruction. 

Far too many language teachers force their students to learn too many words and too many grammatical structures. As such, students get overwhelmed, and they may fail to retain most of that information. The Dr. Pimsleur method focuses on establishing a solid foundation when it comes to the vocabulary and linguistics of a language, which can make all the difference for students. Students that have tried unsuccessfully to learn languages in the past may find that everything will be different for them when they try the Dr. Pimsleur method.

Jason Aldean – Burn It Down Tour

The Jason Aldean – Burn It Down Tour is schedule to wrap-up on August 29, 2015. It started in Virginia and it will be ending in Massachusetts. American country music singer Jason Aldean has been doing this for a long time now and he is a professional when it comes to performing and giving the fans what they want. At only 38-years-old, he’s already breaking records and forming a solid niche for himself in the country music scene. His country thus far has had spectacular reviews and the fans have really loved the show. The Jason Aldean – Burn It Down Tour has 3 legs in total and 83 shows that are set to take place.

Aldean will also merge his tour with Kenny Chesney’s The Big Revival Tour in the summer of 2015, for at least ten stadium shows together. Along the Jason Aldean – Burn It Down Tour, the venues will include major league baseball stadiums, and it will be featuring Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Farr, and some venues will even play host to Country superstar Miranda Lambert. Aldean is set to play several of his hits during the show, including Hicktown, My Kinda Party, Big Green Tractor, Night Train, 1994, When She Says Baby, Johnny Cash, The Only Way I Know, Dirt Road Anthem, Crazy Town, and others. If you want to hear great country music then this is the show that you definitely don’t want to miss in 2015.

So far he has performed in several places, like Atlantic City, Roanoke, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Twin Lakes, Hartford, Baton Rouge, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and many other well-known cities. He still has plenty more to go though. On the list that are still to come are shows in Wichita, Spokane, Corpus Christi, Calgary, Santa Clara, Green Bay, Seattle, Pasadena, Kansas City, Denver, and several others. Aldean plans to end the tour in Foxborough with two nights at Gillette Stadium which can seat up to more than 68,000 fans.

For closing acts on the tour, others who will be joining are Brantley Gilbert, Jake Owen, Cole Swindell, and Dee Jay Silver. Dierks Bentley also came out for a night when Aldean performed in Phoenix on January 31st 2015. There is still plenty to come and Aldean doesn’t show any signs of slowing down soon. There is still a chance to get out there and catch one of his shows this year if you want to hear some great quality country music and top performers.

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